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Whittington & Staley
Consulting Group

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We work with organizations dedicated to equity and root cause change .

We work at the crossroads of the government, corporate, and civic communities to identify common interests and structure lasting partnerships between global businesses, domestic and foreign governments, associations, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit entities.


      About Us

      About Us

      Whittington & Staley Consulting Group (WSCG) is a full-service advisory and consulting firm that provides innovative industry focused strategic development and implementation services. Our practice and expertise is at the intersection of comprehensive global business consulting, cultural competency and government affairs strategies.

      WSCG leverages its decades worth of grassroots partnerships and network within federal, state, and local government & community groups to connect directly to organizations and development groups that have specific and direct needs.

      Our Services

      Our Services

      One on One
      Consulting Sessions

      Non Profit 

      Public/Private Partnership

      Grassroots and Community 

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      "Transformative change is a cultural practice—a culture we cultivate through organizational development, community engagement, DEI, responsible economic growth, policies, and political representation.


      Transformational change can't occur without transforming our approach to address modern problems."

      - La'Meshia Whittington, Founder & Principal

      Whittington & Staley Consulting Group, LLC

      Our Services

      Green Partnerships & Projects Portfolio and Climate Solutions 

      Public Policy

      Political Campaigns

      Leadership Development
      and DEI

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      What Our Clients Say

      Betty Selby

      Mayor Pro Tem

      "La'Meshia has lead our Advance Carolina Organization to greater heights with her leadership and professionalism. Her strategic power is amazing! "

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      Lamar Gibson

      Founder & Development Professional

      "Top notch srategic leadership, fundraising, and program management!"

      JLG Consulting

      Judge Vince Rozier

      Wake County Superior Court Judge

      "La'Meshia Whittington served as my lead Political Campaigner and Fundraise Consultant. She was an incredible asset to my campaign and her results impacted our revenue substantially.

      She incorporated various complex systems used to increase the campaign income and seamlessly implemented them.

      I highly recommend her for any duty where an innovative leader is necessary."

      judge vince rozier.png

      La'Meshia Whittington


      Professor La'Meshia Whittington is a National thought-leader, policy analyst, fund advisor, and organizational development guru. She has worked in the non-profit industry and political campaigns for over 15 years.

      Her work prioritizes assisting organizations, corporations, foundations, colleges, and political campaigns to be catalysts for progress. She does this by navigating the challenges of today, building equity into their policies, participating in governance opportunities, developing key partnerships, and anticipating social risk.

      Professor Whittington serves as an adjunct professor in the Division of Sociology at Meredith College and a Lecturer of Diversity and Environmental Justice in the College of Natural Resources at N.C. State University. Professor Whittington has led guest lectures at N.C. Central University, NC Central Law School, Shaw University, Duke University, and her work has been seen on PBS NC, CSPAN, Bloomberg, Bloomberg Law, and other publications. 

      As an Energy & Utilities Policy Management Analyst, Professor Whittington developed and co-led a Low-Income Affordability Collaborative process at the appointment of the N.C. Utilities Commission, in collaboration with Duke Energy, good government groups, and advocacy organizations. As an environmental policy analyst, she was a lead petitioner in two petitions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, challenging major contaminants in North Carolina watersheds.

      Professor Whittington successfully developed the Our Voices of Change Political Candidate Institute, a project launched in partnership with Meredith College. This institute was funded and commissioned by Yale University's The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition. 

      La'Meshia Whittington is a North Carolina native.

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      "We unearth the invisible;

      Turn strategies into sustainable systems;

      Transform companies into communities, and shape policy & campaigns to transform the world."

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      La'Meshia Whittington

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